“Aided Ilíach Mac Cáss, or The Death of Ilíach Mac Cáss”

Stout men of Ulaidh War-hardened were we Gripped by the pangs Of a curse lain in tragedy Our fertile lands were blackened And our hills smoke-laden by the fires of charred halls The maidens fair, women of radiant sun White armed mothers Bringers of life and blameless Their blood stained Emain Macha's ground Like women … Continue reading “Aided Ilíach Mac Cáss, or The Death of Ilíach Mac Cáss”

:On Hagalaz:

“Hægl býð hwītust corna | weorþeþ hít tō wætere siððan" "Hagal is the whitest of grains, it is whirled from the vault of heaven and is tossed about by gusts of wind and then it melts into water." - AS Rune poem Hagalaz, alternatively called Hagal, Hægl, and Hagl, is oftentimes considered a hazardous, and … Continue reading :On Hagalaz:

A Short Word on Yule

All of Existence is a turning. It is a great wave of roaring energy, breaking upon the rocks of the firmament. It is in this Wheel's fate to be broken down, to be rendered un-whole and desolate. Because without utter ruin and chaos, there is no growth. We stagnate, our fields lie barren and our … Continue reading A Short Word on Yule

A Short Word on Runes

"None gave me bread, none brought a horn. Then low to earth I looked. I caught up the runes, roaring I took them, And, fainting, back I fell." There is an intrinsic connection with Runes and the act of vocalization. Many cultures, all over the world, share in a similar belief of power (call it … Continue reading A Short Word on Runes

On Fehu

"Fé er frænda róg ok flæðar viti ok grafseiðs gata aurum fylkir"   :FEHU: The rune also known as Fehu, Fé, Feoh, among various other interpretations. Common translations of the name render it as "Property, Cattle/Livestock, or Wealth." Fehu represents literal wealth only at the surface level, standing for mobile property in the form of … Continue reading On Fehu

On Kenaz

:KENAZ: Known also as the Rune Kaun, Cén, Kusma Kenaz is a multi-layered Rune, as so many are. This Rune is of interest simply because of the varied cultural and linguistic attestations throughout its existence. On the outer/positive level, Kenaz is a controlled blaze, a shining torch, illumination. On the inner/malign level, it is inflammation, … Continue reading On Kenaz

On Thurs

:THURISAZ: The Rune also known as Thurs, Thiuth, Thorn.   Thurisaz is the directed cosmic force of destruction and defense. It is the archetypal instinctual Will without egoistic focus. The Thorn-Rune is lightning and hammer strike, representing its dualistic nature as both a Primal and Awakened consciousness tool, used by both the Jotnar and the … Continue reading On Thurs